At Runway, we develop more successful startups by
developing stronger more focussed entrepreneurs. We
invest in you and your startup by providing a full-time
team of coaches, mentors, introductions, tools, connections,
business and community partners, offices, masterclasses,
events and a super-charged startup program
Accelerating startups
Runway’s application pathway and process is:
  1. Apply to Runway Applications open every 3 months, with the date for the next round of applications shown on our “Apply” page.
  2. Notification of selection and commencement in four day Runway Bootcamp Successful applicants will be notified of their selection in to the Runway Bootcamp. Note: There is a $550 cost (inc. GST) which covers all catering, program materials (inc. stationery).
  3. Completion of Runway Bootcamp and pitch to Runway Selection Panel Upon completion of the Runway Bootcamp a shortlist of those completing the Bootcamp will pitch to our selection panel to go in to the Runway Accelerator Program.
  4. Commence Runway Accelerator The selection panel will select 5 startups to go through our Runway Scholarship Accelerator Program.  A further 5 start-ups will be offered a place in the Runway Paid Accelerator Program
  5. Runway Funding The 5 Runway Scholarship Start-ups will be offered the opportunity to apply for up to $30K in funding
  6. Complete Runway Accelerator Over 12 weeks, you’ll be provided with the requisite skills to take your startup global and truly take flight. Benefit from our program, partners, mentors and network. Work with like minded entrepreneurs and build life-long connections.
  7. Runway Incubator Startups that have excelled during the accelerator will qualify for a further 3 months incubation period in Runway’s purpose built space.

Applications to Runway open every 3 months

To help startups in their journey to becoming a business, Runway is offering up to 5 start-ups per intake – up to $30k in funding to support activities directly related to the start-ups business model.  This funding will be paid during the 2nd 12 week (Incubator) phase of the program.
Start-ups entering the Runway Accelerator Program are required to achieve specific milestones during the 12 week Runway Accelerator to qualify for a further 3 month’s in the Runway Incubator.
Pay it forward 

Runway was established to give start-ups that may not otherwise be given the opportunity: the skills, support and resources to launch their business.  Runway’s vision is to provide that opportunity to startups on an ongoing basis and bring a broader economic benefit to the Geelong region.  In order to do this, the key to Runway’s sustainability is the contribution our successful startups make back in to the Runway ecosystem.

As part of our program, we ask that our startups consider an amount – either dollars or equity – to contribute back to the program at the point where they exit or become profitable – to support the program for future start-ups.

Should a start-up never exit or become profitable, there is no contribution required.

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The Program
Paid Participation in Runway

Startups, corporates, businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes looking participate in either the Runway Bootcamp, Runway Accelerator or Runway Incubator – or perhaps all of what Runway has to offer – can be part of a paid track.

Participants in the paid track still have their applications assessed by a selection panel to ensure that their business/organisation meets a minimum standard.

Email: to enquire further about this option.

Runway – focussed on building startups and adding value to the Geelong economy

  • Runway is a not-for-profit startup initiative, designed to have a real impact on the local economy.
    Startups like you are building the future. Your startups attract skills, talent and capital in to the Geelong community and have the potential to not only be impactful globally – they may even have impact on Geelong’s economy over the short, medium and long term.
  • Helping to build on Geelong’s reputation of a startup and innovation hub, the world over.
    Runway will be a place where some of the most cutting edge ideas in Australia will come to light. We want to work with the brightest minds & be part of this scene of innovation right from the grass-roots upwards. The flow on effect is that you and your efforts continue to build on Geelong’s heritage of innovation.