About the startup

Drosaic provides an international drone photography marketplace that connects pilots to users needing imagery at the best price possible, in the most convenient way possible.

We know that drone imagery is beautiful and is now used broadly across most sectors. By 2020, there will be more than fifteen million drones servicing a $24B market.  Despite these numbers there is no effective marketplace to buy and sell drone imagery. Drosaic is a web-based drone marketplace that is timely, trustworthy and best value.

The platform provides a two methods for attaining drone images. Firstly, past photos can be downloaded – Drosaic already has a huge volume of drone images (60,000). Secondly, the drone job marketplace provides a competitive job bidding platform. The flexible platform can be used by all sectors including real estate, construction, agriculture, industrial and media.

About the team

Dr Adam Mowlam

PhD (UniMelb) BGeomEng (Hons)(UniMelb) BIS (UniMelb)

Dr Adam Mowlam completed his PhD at Melbourne University in 2006 on GNSS ambiguity resolution. Since then he has worked for many years across the fields of web and mobile application development, spatial data management and policy development. He is particularly interested in crowd-sourced applications and using innovative solutions to improve business operations.

Ben Sinnott

BGeomEng (Hons)(UniMelb) BSci (UniMelb)

Since completing his bachelor degrees, Ben Sinnott has over 10 years’ experience in the spatial industry with a focus on web based mapping applications and management of large spatial datasets. He has a keen interest in cartographic design and the utilisation of aerial photography in a government context.

Rajesh Krishnan

MTech-IT (Swinburne), BE Electronics & Comm(Sri Ramakrishna Eng)


Rajesh Krishnan completed his M.Tech(Information Technology) at Swinburne University in 2011.

Since then he has worked for many organizations from startups to corporate and has hands on

experience building microservices in cloud. He has worked on mobile, IOT, building API’s

and Machine learning products.

How Runway is helping us

The Runway Geelong program has been pivotal in driving Drosaic from early stage startup to a clearly identifiable startup with articulated business model and building traction. Through the various educational seminars, relationships developed and mentoring program Drosaic obtained critical direction around identifying opportunities for short term financial  sustainability, whilst still maintaining the longer term vision.


The Runway Bootcamp and Accelerator Program have both been really important in conducting user testing, experiments and required analysis. The knowledge we have gained has not only supported Drosaic, but allowed the co-founders  to assist other entrepreneurs through the ideation process which is helping the regional startup ecosystem.