About the Startup

Mindful Sourcing is dedicated to providing a cost effective real time data platform to support apparel companies with monitoring and reporting their source ethically.

Mindful Sourcing was created due to an overwhelming desire to actively help apparel brands and retailers with their ethical sourcing journey. Our model creates an opportunity for brands to save time and money through collaboration and shared resources, working smarter and accelerating progress with their ethical sourcing journey.
Our dedicated platform provides cost effective, real time data to support retailers/brands globally. We track factory performance from the initial factory ethical performance audit to corrective actions plans and implementation progress through to preparation for upcoming audits.

About the team

Vivienne Howell
Vivienne Howell

I’ve had a 34-year career within the apparel industry with many opportunities in management, apparel manufacturing, wholesale, education and Head Office retail roles. I always felt that something was missing. I found my purpose while leading Target Australia’s Ethical Sourcing and Vendor Development.

How Runway is helping us

Runway has been an amazing opportunity for me!   Runway has provided me with a much needed network and support structure which has been so valuable, as a  solo entrepreneur.  It has been inspiring to share the workspace with the clever, focused and creative participants of the program who show genuine interest in each other’s business ideas and progress. The opportunity to develop my business knowledge and learn new skills through the Business Accelerator Program has made the world of difference to my personal development and the progress of my business idea.  I am most grateful for this opportunity to participate in the Runway Program!