About the Startup

Mechintel was established after a need was recognised amongst Australian businesses to reduce the costs and time involved in acquiring used equipment necessary to upgrade or grow their fleet, whilst also improving the confidence in that purchasing decision. The complete process involves research, travel, accommodation, inspection, purchasing and transport, many of these steps being repeated numerous times to find the right piece of equipment. It is evident that for many, conducting thorough due diligence and inspecting all options prior to making a purchasing decision is a costly exercise and logistical nightmare, putting pressure on resources particularly during times of growth. Not conducting thorough due diligence though, can prove even costlier should the equipment’s condition not meet the buyer’s expectations when it arrives to begin work.

Our aim is to alleviate these stresses on businesses through the provision of verification and pre- purchase inspection services. We provide these services cost effectively through our Australia wide network of trade qualified mechanics who utilise our mobile inspection application featuring machine specific checklists to capture the machine conditions and generate a report that can be the basis for an informed decision. We also assist through the purchasing phase and if needed have the equipment delivered to their doorstep so they can carry on with their core business and grow.

To learn more visit http://www.mechintel.com.au

About the team

Chad Wilsdon
Chad WilsdonFounder & Managing Director

Chad’s entire life has revolved around either the maintenance or operation of mechanical equipment. After growing up in a family transport operation he completed an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic with the local Caterpillar dealer, Cavpower specialising in field service repairs of earthmoving, transport, power generation and marine equipment. He undertook further training in marine and deployed overseas for a period working as an engineer on luxury yachts.

Upon returning to Australia, Chad undertook roles as a mechanic on oil rigs along with driving roadtrains and transporting oversize equipment across various parts of remote Australia. The FIFO oil and gas lifestyle allowed him to complete a commercial helicopter pilot’s licence and fly professionally. Chad’s more recent position, saw him return to Cavpower tasked with the management of their infield oil and gas operation, focused on the provision of servicing and repairs to gas compression, industrial and power generation engines, transport and earthmoving equipment. This varied career to date has given Chad the depth of knowledge across a broad industry base required to support both Mechintel customers and inspectors alike.

How Runway is helping us

The Runway program so far has been a whirlwind of opportunities to learn, network and make huge progress on our business in such a short time. We have been able to implement tools and knowledge from sessions with mentors directly to our business, helping to overcome challenges, provide direction and maintain accountability. Networking connections made available through the program have allowed us to pursue relationships and a rate of growth we had previously thought was way off in the distance. The passion and support from all within the Runway community, including the other participants, to assist us on our road to success has been both overwhelming and motivating.